Arcmetals Nigeria Company Ltd.,

Arcmetals Nig co., a home of precision, style and elegance was established in 1999. We grew through experience and formidable reputation in quality and service.

Arcmetals is highly skilled in welding, fabrication of all metal works and sales of wrought iron designs, accessories etc. We have being operation for over 17 years The company is equipped with professional and skilled workforce and have since succeeded in delivering over 3,000 projects all over Nigeria. We go beyond our immediate environment to sites outside Nigeria and our state of residence.


Our company is driven by passion, professional and fully skilled workforce with constant and absolute focus on service, quality, excellence in designs, workmanship and delivery. The blend of quick delivery of projects, advance architecture and sophisticated engineering are the background of the company’s continued success.


We are empowered with values of clear vision by the top managerial decision and commitment to excellence by our teamwork force, Arcmetals nig .co is absolutely committed to providing quality in the areas of the company’s activities.


We have design experts who can work with your architect to tailor a product to meet your individual requirement, complimenting your house decor or outdoor area. We are also into the sales of wrought iron products, hammered pipes, rods, accessories, and top-rail bars etc at a very affordable price.